Good and reliable wood panel is hard to come by these days as we understand it. Wood Panel market are flooded with non-standard, high toxicity (high formaldehyde), inconsistent to bad quality panels better it be MDF, Particle Board or Plywood. As a result, quality cannot meet expectations, industries cannot meet their production target, projects are finished in untimely manners, and products durability is not long lasting, above all heavy complaints and claims are coming from end customers.


A change over Indonesia’s Interior & Architecture Industry is Imminent.

Driven by passion for wood, PT Sumber Mas Indah Plywood – a company with long history of worldwide success for over 40 years’ experience & expertise in the wood paneling industry reintroduce itself to a new revolution.

Plywood Solution TM is launched in 2015 as a brand extension of PT Sumber Mas Indah Plywood to serve and fulfill the Indonesian Domestic needs for its growth and future development in Interior and Architecture field.

Plywood Solution is here to expand the horizon of customers to broaden their knowledge about plywood to its optimum application.

Lead by a solid team of professionals in the wood industry we provide an educative and informative service for architects, designers, engineers and technicians, as well as specific industries utilizing the superior quality productions from state of the art technology of plywood making, coming out fresh from our 270.000sqm factory in Gresik-East Java, Indonesia.

Every product originated from an in-depth market study thru personal approach with its clients before options are explored. The result is perfectly developed plywood products that always speak the notion for quality and identity all at once.

Main Office:

Jl. Kapten Darmo Sugondo no.99 - Desa karang Kiring Gresik, Indonesia

Contact Number (Marketing Domestik):

Frey : +62 8124 8686 813  |  Stefanus : +62 232 633 336


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